Solar System

Kwiksol Solar Water Heaters (direct and indirect systems) are available in 150lt, 200lt and 250lt sizes for split or thermosyphon installations. A solar collector panel is also available. Kwiksol solarfit conversion kit can transform an existing Kwikot electric water heater to a direct or indirect solar system.

Kwikot Kwiksol solar water heaters are available for a direct system and an indirect systems.

Direct system
The direct system is used in areas where frost does not occur or where the ambient temperature never falls below 5ºC. The potable water in the solar water heater is heated directly by passing through the solar collector panel/s.

Indirect system
The indirect system is used in areas where frost occurs and where the ambient temperature falls below 5ºC. The system uses a dilution of propylene glycol and water as the heat transfer fluid. The potable water and the heat transfer fluid never mix. The heat transfer fluid passes through the double, jacketed tank and the solar collector panel/s, heating the potable water in the solar water heater indirectly.

Both systems can be used as a split systems (pumped and thermosyphon circulation methods) or as a close coupled system (thermosyphon circulation method) and also work as a conventional electric water heater.

The Kwiksol solar water heaters in both systems are SABS approved, operate up to 400kPa and offer a 5 Year warranty on the inner tank.

Solar collector panel
The Kwiksol solar collector panel measures 1000mm x 2000mm x 80mm, offering excellent absorption efficiency. The 150lt and 200lt capacity solar water heaters require one or two solar collector panels and the 250lt capacity two solar collector panels. The glass panel aperture area is 2m².

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